~Clay Critters~ Updated 7/29/06

A new obsession that has taken over my life!!! (Just one of the many) :)

No Worries, I'm still beading too!




 A very cool vase I made to show off my new lillys




My first real garden statue.







 "New Friends"- A very special gift!





 "Leafy Pendants"- Made with more canes I have just only learned how to do!




 "Goldwing"- This kinda made itself when I created my second cane, I loved the colors so much the wing just grew and the "leaves/feathers" that didn't make it became the cone beads

"Eye of the Griffon"- Another of those happy accidents!



 "Ben Lion"- Another of Christi Friesen's

 "NightMare"- This was actually something my 5 year old son requested to hang over his bed and scare away bad dreams! Glows in the dark!


 "Ocean Beads"- I found online an older copy of PolymerCafe magazine! Spring 05, I absolutely love these, I miss Maine!



 "Baby Bunnies"- I have started building up my clay library and this is from the second book I purchased. "Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay"





"Pink Lillys"- Oh I cant wait for my garden to start blooming!!

"Silver Kitty Hugs"- Just some fun with more cats

"Inky Kitty Hanging Out"- Just some fun with more cats



 "Fall Apple box"- This was my first attempt at covering a glass trinket box. I still have a whole lot to learn



 "A Little Piece of Quiet"



 "Purple Pleasy"- My first attempt at a full sculpture. He's solid clay sitting on a piece of quartz from my garden.



 "Pretty Persian", "Nougat" and "Lil Black Mischief"



Some Fun with Christi's Feathered hearts"



 "Framed Flower"- "Squash Flower"

"Sea Splash" - "In Disguise"





My first turtle  4/29/06

 "Little Salamander"- in progress 4/27/06





 "My Phantom" 4/23/06

My first attempt at creating one of my fuzzy babies!!!

"Mini Dragon Beads" 4/25/06




"Dark Cow Dragon" 4/22/06

"Crystal Coil Dragon" 4/21/06

 "Baby Water" 4/21/06

A fun try at making a sea dragon

 "Teal" 4/22/06

I had to try to make a sea dragon in my favorite color! inspired From Mossy Creek Designs













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