We put to rest our best friend today. She was ten years young and far too young to go.

She was taken by an what we believe to be Cushing's disease that was fast and brutal.

My husband and I got her in 1994 while we were dating.


She was a beautiful fluffy black pup with three white feet (one black) white nose

and white spot on her chest. I had picked her from a litter of 5 (She was the one most

eager to get out of the box!) and named her Bear. Unfortunately she was given away later

before I could get the ok to bring her home. 4 weeks later, I ran into the man giving them

away and he had her in his back seat. My bear! I got the ok from our landlord and she was

finally mine.


She traveled with us everywhere, Her favorite place was the ocean in Maine, where she

would chase the waves and dug the sand till you couldn’t see her.. Traveling there and back

every summer she would go nuts over every cow and tractor we passed. She loved people

and thought everyone she met was there to play with her.

I learned No tomato plants were safe. She would stealthily eat the reds, then move on to

the yellows, then finally eat all the greens.  She would chase balls, sticks, and stuffys until

your arm fell off. And was the best mouser of any cat.


All you had to do was ask her Pooh What do you want? And she would go to the door,

or the sink, or her dog dish. And she loved to wrestle with blankets, especially if we were

sleeping under them. She would pilfer any thing our son was eating, and loved to chew on our

cat Pounce. The cat loved it but we had to put a stop to it when Bear would wear away the

cats fur on her neck. Boy that Pouncy would purr!. 


Pooh was such a faker, She would actually Cry out loud and try to hide on my husband, 

(She was a big dog.) when it was time for a bath.  Id finally get her in there and she would 

tolerate the washing and rinsing, than dash out and soak everything before I could towel 

dry her. She would make the funniest noises as she rolled  on the floor then scoot (Back legs 

in front of the Front legs) as fast as she could to get away from me and the towel.


As a puppy she loved to eat every yellow dandelion on the lawn, and the fall leaves as they 

would come down from the trees. In the winter she would chase the snowflakes and play

catch with snowballs. It was tough trying to shovel the driveway, She thought I was throwing

shovel loads of snow for her to catch.


I had to share what a wonderful life, my husband and I shared, and will miss desperately.

She was a good soul and an old soul and one I hope to meet again.

            Baby Bear April 1994   -July 2004